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Roofing tip from Emco Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida: Algae, Moss, and Lichen can damage your roof.Emco Roofing Contractors wants to encourage healthy roofs - we offer FREE roof inspections - have your roof inspected annually!Our roofing contractors are experts at assessing roof damage caused by storms.Custom Roofing Shingles Can Provide a Lifetime of Beauty and ProtectionRoofing tip from Emco Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida:: Ask About Our WeatherStopper 3-Part Roof Protection System Roofing tip from Emco Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida:: Call us for your storm-damaged roofs.Roofing tip from Emco Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida: Laminated shingles are guaranteed for life!Roofing tip from Emco Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida: We fabricate metal roofs on-site with our standing seam metal roofing machine.Roofing tip from Emco Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, Florida: One of our recent roofing projects.Log cabin with metal seam roof.Dog house with terra cotta tiles.

Roofing Professionals Who Care For Your Home or Business

Whether you need minor repairs, or you need a complete roof replacement, Emco Roofing can help. If you are looking for a company with lots of choices, quality products, and professional service, then you have found the right place!

Our crews of Roofing Contractors Provide The Following Services:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing

We care for your home like its our own. For existing homes that need roofing attention, we begin with a thorough inspection to determine whether the existing roof has been damaged by weather, fungus, or animals.

Our experts will identify and explain any issues that threaten the performance, durability, and integrity of your roof. When repairs or replacement are required, we use the best quality material from Owens Corning. We have dozens of shingle styles and types to choose from in a huge variety of colors and shades.

Roof Types: More to Roofs Than Just Shingles

Don’t care for shingles? Take a look at some of our metal roofs. They are fabricated onsite with our Standing Seam Metal Roofing Machine. Did you know that a standing seam metal roof is considered as one of the most durable and maintenance-free type of metal roof? Combined with our insulation process, it can also provide additional energy reduction benefits.

One Set of Contractors From Start to Finish

We have the manpower and the expertise to take care of the entire project ourselves with our own crews. We never “sub out” the job and leave you stuck coordinating efforts or hiring a separate project manager. No need to involve a middle man!! Call Emco direct and get your NEW ROOF done for less with less stress!

We know a roof is a big investment. You need a contractor you know you can trust who will be with you for the long run. Check out our reviews on Google+ and read our profile at the Better Business Bureau. You’ll see we work hard to make sure every roof is done right. Then call today and ask for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Shingles: Choose the color that best fits your home!

Owens Corning Shingles - Wide Variety of ColorsOur roofers are experts at installing beautiful Slateline Shingles.

Roof repairs or replacements in just 3 easy steps...our roofing contractors are ready to serve you!